Day 205: Skillful Sailor Card

With my son off at boot camp, I find myself making some more masculine cards. For today’s card, I used a quote that I have used in the past, but it really fits him.

Skillful Sailor Round Card

Just not so sure about sending a card that refers to a skillful sailor to a USMC recruit. I think I might be able to address that with what I write inside the card thought. But, how does this card open?

Skillful Sailor Card Open

The front panel pivots on a small brad. I wish I could take credit for the idea, but I actually saw it in one of my card sketch books. I tend to shy away from making shaped cards since I can never figure out how to do the fold. When I saw the round card with the pivot open, I knew it was a way I could do a round card without having to deal with the awkward folding issue, and I could hardly wait to try it.

I am super happy with the end result. Now I just need my son’s address so I can start mailing him these cards.


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  1. Love it!

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