Day 202: Vive la France

Today marks the end of the Tour de France and the first Inspired by the Sea French lesson. Last night when I was trying to decide what to do for today’s project, my husband suggested that I do something yellow in honor of the yellow jersey at the Tour de France. That got me to thinking. Years ago, I studied French, so why not make some French vocabulary cards that could be used to help someone learn French words inspired by the sea?

French Vocabulary cards

La plage means the beach:

la plage

La mer means the sea:

la mer

Le requin means the shark:

le requin

Le crabe means the crabe:

le crabe

Le poulpe means octopus:

Le poulpe

Le dauphin means the dolphin:

le dauphin

L’hippocampe means seahorse:


And since I had to make sure to use some yellow, le poisson means the fish:

le poisson

As I got to work on this project I could hear Madame Dalmasso’s voice in my head reminding me that you cannot have naked nouns in French: They must always be used with an article.

So, is everyone ready for the pop quiz?


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  1. How cool! Great idea!

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