Day 200: Beach Wreath

I can’t believe that it is already day 200. Fortunately, I was off from work today which allowed me a lot more time for focusing on my project, especially since it wound up being fairly time-consuming.

Beach Wreath

Most of you probably don’t realize that around the same time I was committing myself to my 365 days project, I also committed to make a wreath for a wreath festival in Westminster. For that, I made a wreath that was inspired by the sea and actually used a ship’s wheel as the base. Ever since, I have been contemplating other wreath options, just in case I decide to make a wreath for this year’s festival. Today’s project was a summery interpretation of a more traditional tulle wreath. I started cutting the strips of tulle the other night but seeing as I used close to 50 yards of tulle cut into 2 inch wide strips, you can imagine it took a while. I had purchased a metal wreath frame a couple of weeks ago and set it aside for this project. I attached the tulle to each of the 4 concentric circles in the frame using a technique similar to how you attach the yard to a latch hook rug. I finished it up by adding a couple of wooden embellishments that tied into the summery, beach theme.

Not sure if I will keep this one or if maybe I will enter it into the wreath festival. I am thinking I might keep this one since I have an idea for a wreath that isn’t inspired by the sea but that I really want to make at some point.

4 Responses

  1. Very pretty. Put it on your front door

  2. So cute and fluffy! Love it!

  3. […] as a preview to what was to come in my 365 Day project. More recently, I created my version of a beach wreath. Today, I decided to try another wreath […]

  4. […] call it, “Feel the Love.” You might remember that I used this wreath technique for a beach-themed wreath several months ago. While it was labor intensive, I just love how they turn out. Maybe next year, I […]

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