Day 194: To Light His Way Home

Tomorrow we drop our son off at the recruiting station for the last time, and Monday he begins the walk down the path to becoming a Marine. When he accompanied me to the craft store last week, he came up with the ideas for today’s project and our agreement was that I had to do the project before he leaves.


Now, this project kind of came to light in reverse. The first thing that he found that he wanted me to use was the glass pieces. He said the colors reminded him of crashing waves. As we continued through the store, we found the lighthouse and he thought that I should paint it and have the glass pieces around the base like waves crashing against a lighthouse. Where he came up with the idea of waves crashing against a lighthouse, I have no idea. We only have this hanging above our front door (the picture isn’t very good but you get the idea):

Lighthouse framed art

Seriously, I feel that doing a lighthouse project today is really appropriate. I hope that he knows that we are always here to guide his way when he faces troubles in life. We couldn’t be more proud of him as he embarks on this journey.


2 Responses

  1. Like the sentiment…he’ll always find his way home, because you guys are just the best!

  2. Bravo!

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