Day 191: The Idea that Started it All

Last summer, when we went to the beach I collected clam shells thinking how cool it would be to make earrings using them. I mean, with the two matching halves, it seemed to make perfect sense. I had never made jewelry but thought that I could do this. But we came back from vacation and returned to the routines of daily life and the idea got put on hold. When I started my 365 days, I knew that at some point I would make a pair of earrings using some of those clam shells.

Clam shelll earrings

Today, I finally did it. Part of why it took me so long was because I was very unsure about drilling holes into seashells and didn’t have a drill bit that was small enough. Last week, I bought a crafting drill with some really tiny bits just so that I could finally try drilling holes into seashells. I am sure that I will try it on other things too, but for now my seashells are enough.

Since the clam shell had purple tones to it, I decided to combine them with purple pearls from my stash along with some clear crystals. There are still some imperfections in the design that I need to resolve (like how to get the shells to hang straighter and how to drill cleaner holes) but for my first effort, I am pretty happy with the results.



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