Day 188: Beach Bingo

Last year, as we were preparing to head to the beach, my sons and I found “road trip bingo” and we played it on the way to the beach and back. It really helped to pass the time. Since we are getting ready to head back down there, I was thinking about that when I started thinking about today’s craft.IMG_1501

I thought about the various things that we usually see when we are at the beach and created a set of 4 bingo cards. I would probably want to laminate them or at least put them into protective sleeves before taking them out onto the beach.

Here is a closer up shot of one of the cards:


Items on the cards include things like flip flops, towel, sand castle, beach chair, life guard, etc. For the “free space” I figured “sand” was a good option since if you can’t find sand at the beach, you are obviously doing it wrong.

I created the cards using PowerPoint so that I could include a beach photo in the background and easily add the grids that I originally made using tables in Word. I don’t know if we will actually play it while we are at the beach or not, since my husband and son will spend most of their beach time playing in the waves, but we could.

Just in case you didn’t notice it, my son created a new graphic for the top of my blog. Check it out and let him know what you think. He has been teaching himself how to use Photoshop and has been manipulating photos with some pretty cool results. You can check out his photo manipulations at


One Response

  1. Neat idea. Looks like fun. For little ones, maybe you could use pictures if they are too young to read.

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