Day 187: Still Thinking Like a Pirate

After not having made it to the craft stores in a little while, I found myself running out of new supplies and new ideas. Luckily, I had time to go to the craft store yesterday so I could restock. While there, I found a pirate-themed latch hook kit that I just had to buy.

Pirate Latch Hook

I admit that I started working on it a bit yesterday but I did over half of it this morning, so it counts as being today’s project. I knew that as latch hooks go, it would be fairly easy since it only uses 2 colors, but I knew that regardless of how easy the colors were to distinguish, that it still just takes time. Luckily, despite not having done latch hook in a while, the technique came back to me, and I was able to finish this more quickly than I anticipated. Guess that means more pool time for me later today.


One Response

  1. […] did a skull and cross bones latch hook a while back, so I guess that doing a sailboat latch hook isn’t a terribly original project. […]

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