Day 186: All Hands Invitation

So, my son who just graduated was scheduled to go to Boot Camp the day after Labor Day. Well, his ship date got moved up and now he is leaving in just over a week. Before he goes, we have told him he can have some friends over for a going away pool party…or as my husband has been calling it, “Get Out My House” party. Since I didn’t have a project idea in mind and my thoughts are very tied up with his departure, I decided to make an invitation that he could use for his party.

All Hands on Deck Octopus Card

I even stamped the inside so he could include all of the important details:

All Hands Octopus card inside

Of course, he won’t use it. He will just send texts, but it made for a fun project and gave me a distraction for at least a little while this morning.

For the Octopus, I used the Create a Critter cartridge for my Cricut. It even included the pirate had and telescope. For the letters, I broke out the Sizzix and my Sizzlets letters in the script font. Once I got everything cut out, assembling the card was pretty straight forward.


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  1. Cute!

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