Day 184: More Quilt Square Inspiration

After I finished yesterday’s sailboat quilt block card, I was still thinking about quilt blocks. I did a little more searching on the internet and found a fish block that I could use. But, I couldn’t just make another card. Where’s the challenge in that? So, I did something a little different:

Fish quilt blocks on canvas

I knew that I had just gotten a pack of great printed papers from my friend Jeri who is a consultant for Stampin’ Up, and I had a 12 by 12 canvas leftover from my modified poster art project, so I decided to use those supplies to make a Warhol-esque piece of wall art. It isn’t perfect and as I look at the photo, I am seeing all of the imperfections, but I still like the concept.

I will admit that even this little project, working with paper and no seam allowances or sewing tested my patience. I really don’t know how quilters do it and I have watched my own mom making quilts. I said it yesterday and I will say it again, I really do admire quilters and their craft.


One Response

  1. I like this one also. You don’t have to make real quilts but I bet your mom could duplicate one of your card designs for some neat placements.

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