Day 183: Sailboat Quilt Square Card

I have always admired quilters and their craft. However, I have never had the patience or the talent for quilting myself. So, I do my own version…creating cards based on quilt patterns.

Sailboat Quilt Square Card

For today’s project (since my first attempt at a project turned out to be a total fail) I found a pattern for a sailboat quilt square and decided to make a card. With the patriotic holidays this week – Canada Day and Independence Day – the red, white and blue color scheme seemed appropriate. Once I figured out the math involved in this particular quilt square, cutting the pieces and assembling the square was pretty easy. You can see how it all came together.

4 Responses

  1. This is cool
    Quilters will love receiving it.

  2. Totally cute. I think your cards are so great.

    • Laura, I actually have to thank you for today’s inspiration. When my first idea failed, I was scrambling to come up with a back-up plan and I thought about the Here Fishy, Fishy quilt that you emailed me about. When I couldn’t quickly find a fish pattern I liked, I switched to sailboats and today’s project was born.

  3. […] I finished yesterday’s sailboat quilt block card, I was still thinking about quilt blocks. I did a little more searching on the internet and found a […]

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