Day 182: Night Navigation

I don’t normally name my jewelry, but in this case, Night Navigation popped into my head and I like it as a name for these earrings.

Night Navigation Earrings

The design of these earrings evolved as I was playing around in my craft room this morning. First, I found these really dark blue sponge coral beads in my stash over the weekend. I knew I wanted to do something with them but I didn’t quite now what. Then I thought that I should combing them with some pearls and crystals, but it still felt like something was missing. I grabbed my collection of charms and found these moon charms. The dark blue kind of made me think of a night sky so I thought that the moon charms worked. I laid everything out, and other than being a bit on the long side, I really like these earrings. I guess having a longer neck is working to my advantage today since I can get away with the length.


One Response

  1. Very pretty. Your jewelry is great. I’m glad this project got you going on jewelry making.

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