Day 181: Beach Chair Cross Stitch

I love that my friends are being so supportive of my 365. Today’s project is brought to you by my friend Laura who saw this little cross stitch kit and thought that it would be perfect for one of my projects.

Beach Chair Cross Stitch

She bought the kit and mailed it to me. It has been sitting on my end table ever since. This weekend, I decided to do the cross stitching. I know I have done cross stitch previously but this one is a different take on the beach theme and it would be insulting if I didn’t use it after Laura picked it out for me.

Obviously, I still need to iron it and put it into the frame, but I wanted to make sure to share today’s project before I got tied up making dinner..


4 Responses

  1. Very pretty!

  2. I certainly wouldn’t want to be insulted. It is cute. Glad to be able to stretch and retrain your stitching skills.

  3. My mother has been asking for a cross stitch of an adarondack chair (she lives in N.Carolina on the beach this one would be perfect. Do you know where you ordered the pattern. You do great work.

    • A friend of mine actually found this kit and gave it to me. Sorry.

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