Day 180: Squiggle Fish

On one of my many trips to the local craft stores, I found a squiggle fish kit with a wooden fish almost 6 inches long and paints. I liked this fish, but not the paint colors. I had other ideas in mind though, so I picked it up.

Squiggle Fish

Admittedly, I didn’t execute my idea perfectly, but I still think it turned out well enough that I am willing to share. Instead of using the paints (since the colors just felt all wrong) I turned to my enormous stash of scrapbook papers. The sections on the fish were 1/4 inch wide so I cut strips of this orange patterned paper which I then adhered using Mod Podge. After the Mod Podge had some time to dry, I trimmed the strips down. I then traced the head and tail portions and cut them out of the same paper. I punched holes so that they eyes would show through and adhered these pieces to the fish, again using Mod Podge. The tricky part that was left was wrapping a thin strip of paper around the head and tail portions to complete the job and attaching it using Mod Podge. The mouth section kept wanting to straighten out rather than adhering to the curves of the wood, but I finally got it to stay in place. As I said, it isn’t perfect, but I think it is still kind of cute.

I must say that I am loving that summer is finally here and that the pool is open. It isn’t the sea but it is a decent sized body of water and creates a fun back drop for photographing my various projects. For this shot, I placed the fish on the armrest between the seats in the shallow end of the pool. The worst part was getting down on the ground to get the right angle for the photo, but it was a small price to pay.


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  1. So cute!

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