Day 179: I Recommend the Fish

Since I committed to doing a project inspired by the sea every day, I have accumulated quite a collection of fish stamps. Today gave me an opportunity to use several of them.

Stamped Chinese Food Containers

I purchased a set of small Chinese food boxes and decided to stamp some of my various fish (and a couple of their sea friends) onto them. Since the printing on these containers always seems to be red, I used my red inks. Unfortunately, they are pretty old which didn’t help for getting perfectly stamped images. Also stamping onto the boxes proved a bit challenging. I figured out that if I held a small stamping block on the inside pressed against the side of the box, it tended to help.

I figure these could be fun for party favors or for small door prizes.

I know a couple of the images are harder to see but do you have a favorite of these seaworthy friends. I think the top fish turned out the best, but I still love the puffer fish and think he might be my favorite.


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