Day 177: Silver Sand Dollars

I’m up ridiculously early again. Guess I will get an early start at the office. But before I do that, I want to share today’s project.

Silver Sand Dollar Earrings

I found these cute little sand dollars on one of my recent craft store reconnaissance missions. Most of the charms I have found have all had just on place to connect them to whatever jewelry. These had one on each side, so I definitely wanted to play with them. I decided to keep it simple, since so much of my jewelry is colorful which kind of limits options for wearing it. By keeping these all silver, they are super versatile.

The posts and backings were in the box of goodies that I got last week. I hadn’t created any post earrings – always French hooks – so that was a little different for me. However, the small link at the bottom made them easy to work with. I cut 2 lengths of chain 2 inches each. I used a jump ring to attach the center of the chain to the post. Then I used more jump rings to attach the ends of the chains to the sand dollars. All in all, they were relatively simple to make and, as I already mentioned, super versatile.


2 Responses

  1. Just in time for summer vacation! Lovely.

  2. Saw these in person and loved them!!!!

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