Day 176: Sunken Pirate Treasure Cupcakes

For today’s project, I wanted to use some pirate-themed cupcake liners and flags that I found a while back.

Sunken Pirate Treasure Cupcakes

I started off baking fudge marble cupcakes, since the flavor of the cupcakes really didn’t matter that much. I used the pirate-themed liners. Then I frosted the cupcakes using 2 different colors of blue butter cream icing adding gold sugar sprinkles (for the treasure). I finished them off with the pirate flags and this is how they turned out.

Sunken Pirate Treasure Cupcakes

To be honest, I wasn’t quite sure what to call these creations, but with the blue frosting (kind of inspired by water) and the golden sprinkles, I thought of sunken treasure that was floating on the waves. With the cupcake liners and flags, I was really trying to carry the pirate theme throughout the decorating of the cupcakes. Not sure how much the pirate theme comes through, but it was the inspiration.


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  1. Yummy! How unique!

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