Day 172: Party Napkins

I first saw the idea of decorating paper napkins on Pinterest a while ago. I thought that might be something I could do at some point, so I bought a pack of party napkins. Since my creativity seems to be on summer vacation, I decided that today was the perfect day to play with them.

Jellyfish Party Napkins

Now the ones that I saw on Pinterest had drawn onto the napkins using a stencil and gel pens (if I remember correctly). I did create a stencil and tried to use it, but it seemed like the ink was almost tearing through the napkin. So, I did what felt right and broke out my stamps and ink. Now my typical black ink wasn’t going to work for this, so luckily I remembered that I had some ink in a shade called Chiffon White. It is very subtle but I think it works great for this project and particularly for this darling jellyfish stamp (from Stampin’ Up).

Here is a closer up shot:

Close Up Jellyfish Party Napkin

I could certainly see whipping up a bunch of these for a pool party.


One Response

  1. These are real cute. I like them. Also cute idea for hand towels for party guests.

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