Day 170: Simplicity

I know that sometimes when I am making jewelry my tendency is to go big and bold. Today, I tried to stay simple and elegant.

Gold and Pearl Earrings

First, a little background. The other day, I got a box of jewelry-making goodies from the cousin of my late father-in-law (I think that is the relationship). I have never met this woman in person, but we connected on Facebook through various family members. Before her husband passed away, he was making jewelry and apparently had quite the stash of supplies. When she learned that I too make jewelry, she packed up a big box of goodies and shipped it down here to me. All of the supplies used in today’s project came from that box.

As usual, I started out wanting to make something bigger and more involved, but as I was playing with some of the pearls from the box, I decided to keep it simple. Blush and white pearls with gold spacer beads came together in a pair of simple drop earrings. Now to figure out what to wear today so that I can wear my new earrings.


2 Responses

  1. Pretty, pretty, pretty.

  2. Someone pointed out that big and bold might not be the best way to describe the jewelry I usually make. She was right. I think eclectic is a better choice. I would consider today’s piece more classic than what I usually make.

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