Day 168: Beach Bar?

When my son was with me at the craft store the other weekend, he told me that I should buy one of the wooden signs for a project. Neither of us had any idea what I would wind up doing with it, but I bought it. For today’s project, I decided to use the sign.

Seahorse Saloon Sign

I had no clue what I was going to put on the sign, so I turned to the internet for ideas. I saw a sign that said “Welcome to the Seahorse Saloon” and I liked the idea. I love seahorses and I am a bit of a country girl at heart, so combining the 2 seemed perfect for me. To start out, I cut the letters, the seahorses and the martini glass using my Cricut. My original thought was to put the seahorses on either end and the martini glass in the center, but when I looked at the pieces together, I liked how the seahorses looked “drinking” from the martini glass, so I went with it. I painted the front of the wooden sign a light sandy color (I believe it is called bleached sand) and let it dry. Using my Xyron, I turned the cut outs into repositionable stickers and carefully arranged them on the sign. I then painted over the front using light blue and around the edges using a darker blue. After the paint had dried (thank goodness these paints dry quickly since I am not a patient crafter) I removed the cut outs to reveal the sand color that was my base coat. The eyes on the seahorses didn’t really show up, so I added some light blue gems:

Seahorse Saloon Sign Detail

I added some red ribbon so I could hang up my sign and you see the results.


2 Responses

  1. lovely 🙂

  2. […] in June, I made a sign for my  future bar, the Seahorse Saloon. Today, I decorated some tumblers that would work well in that […]

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