Day 162: Barefoot Sandals

I know that I have done barefoot sandals before, but I was dreaming about an idea for them last night so I had to make them again.

Barefoot Sandals

Please excuse my feet not looking their best. When I made the barefoot sandals before, I said that I had other ideas for them and would most likely make another pair at some point. I didn’t lie. For these, I did some things differently. Rather than using the elastic cording, I used flexible wire and chain. I started out creating anklets that I made to fit my ankles. Then I used the flexible wire to create the sandal portion. For the decorative part I used dyed seashell beads from my stash. I then used a jump ring to attach the sandal to the anklet and this is what I came up with.

I will admit that I am still not 100% thrilled with them, but they looked good enough (unlike my feet which look horrible in this picture. Yikes!).


2 Responses

  1. Good job on the project however I fear that your career as a foot model may be over.

  2. I love these. They are fabulous.

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