Day 159: A School Book

As commonly happens, this project evolved a little bit along the way, but the basic idea stayed true.

A School Book

It is a “school” book featuring an entire school of fish. Sorry for the pun, but how could I resist.

Seriously, I found these cute little fish brads at the craft store and knew that I had to use them for something. Then the idea hit me that I could decorate a spiral notebook. I found the blue adhesive backed felt in my stash and like the idea of using it since it should be more durable than paper. The hardest part of this project was making the holes for the brads since my Crop-o-Dile doesn’t reach that far. So, I created a template using a scrap of paper, and I was able to line it up and poke the holes for the brads using what I call my pokey tool. I would poke the holes for one row and then insert the brads without locking them down. Then I would line up the template using the row that I had just worked on. Once all of the brads were in, I removed the backing to reveal the adhesive, working row by row so I could lock the brads in place. Once that was done, it was simply a matter of putting the felt onto the front of the notebook. I also put a matching piece (without fish) on the back, just to complete the look.

Functional and cute. Just my kind of project.


3 Responses

  1. You didn’t mention how big the notebook is, but I can always use a notebook and this one is very cute.

    • The notebook is 5×8.

  2. […] I looked through the mess that is my craft table, I saw some leftover fish brads from when I decorated a spiral notebook a few months back. Right next to them, were the leftover bottle caps that I was playing with last […]

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