Day 152: Bottle Cap Refrigerator Magnets

Today was another one of those days where I woke up without a clear plan in mind. Luckily, an idea came to me and I think the results are kind of cute.

Bottlecap Refrigerator Magnets

I used a circle punch to punch the cute little critters out of some printed paper that was in my stash. I then adhered them to the bottle caps and applied Glossy Accents to protect the paper and to give them just a bit of shine. I actually have a third one to go with the set, but my lack of patience caused me to touch it to see if the top coat was dry yet. It wasn’t quite, so I had to add another layer to cover up where I smudged it. That being said, I figured these two were enough to show what today’s project was.


2 Responses

  1. Everyone uses magnets. Very clever.

  2. […] what I wanted to do. I started out by straightening up a little bit. In the process, I found one of bottle cap refrigerator magnets I had made way back when. I also found my stash of unused bottle caps. An idea started to […]

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