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Day 181: Beach Chair Cross Stitch
June 30, 2013

I love that my friends are being so supportive of my 365. Today’s project is brought to you by my friend Laura who saw this little cross stitch kit and thought that it would be perfect for one of my projects.

Beach Chair Cross Stitch

She bought the kit and mailed it to me. It has been sitting on my end table ever since. This weekend, I decided to do the cross stitching. I know I have done cross stitch previously but this one is a different take on the beach theme and it would be insulting if I didn’t use it after Laura picked it out for me.

Obviously, I still need to iron it and put it into the frame, but I wanted to make sure to share today’s project before I got tied up making dinner..


Day 180: Squiggle Fish
June 29, 2013

On one of my many trips to the local craft stores, I found a squiggle fish kit with a wooden fish almost 6 inches long and paints. I liked this fish, but not the paint colors. I had other ideas in mind though, so I picked it up.

Squiggle Fish

Admittedly, I didn’t execute my idea perfectly, but I still think it turned out well enough that I am willing to share. Instead of using the paints (since the colors just felt all wrong) I turned to my enormous stash of scrapbook papers. The sections on the fish were 1/4 inch wide so I cut strips of this orange patterned paper which I then adhered using Mod Podge. After the Mod Podge had some time to dry, I trimmed the strips down. I then traced the head and tail portions and cut them out of the same paper. I punched holes so that they eyes would show through and adhered these pieces to the fish, again using Mod Podge. The tricky part that was left was wrapping a thin strip of paper around the head and tail portions to complete the job and attaching it using Mod Podge. The mouth section kept wanting to straighten out rather than adhering to the curves of the wood, but I finally got it to stay in place. As I said, it isn’t perfect, but I think it is still kind of cute.

I must say that I am loving that summer is finally here and that the pool is open. It isn’t the sea but it is a decent sized body of water and creates a fun back drop for photographing my various projects. For this shot, I placed the fish on the armrest between the seats in the shallow end of the pool. The worst part was getting down on the ground to get the right angle for the photo, but it was a small price to pay.

Day 179: I Recommend the Fish
June 28, 2013

Since I committed to doing a project inspired by the sea every day, I have accumulated quite a collection of fish stamps. Today gave me an opportunity to use several of them.

Stamped Chinese Food Containers

I purchased a set of small Chinese food boxes and decided to stamp some of my various fish (and a couple of their sea friends) onto them. Since the printing on these containers always seems to be red, I used my red inks. Unfortunately, they are pretty old which didn’t help for getting perfectly stamped images. Also stamping onto the boxes proved a bit challenging. I figured out that if I held a small stamping block on the inside pressed against the side of the box, it tended to help.

I figure these could be fun for party favors or for small door prizes.

I know a couple of the images are harder to see but do you have a favorite of these seaworthy friends. I think the top fish turned out the best, but I still love the puffer fish and think he might be my favorite.

Day 178: Splish Splash Flip Flops
June 27, 2013

My sons aren’t necessarily the biggest supporters of my 365 project, so I suspect my youngest was being facetious when he suggested I buy the cheap pair of flip flops from Michaels for a future project. But, I bought them anyway and decided today was the day to use them.

Splish Splash Flip Flops

I started out by punching the fish using 2 colors of orange and the Animal Kingdom cartridge for the Cricut. I then went old school for the letters and broke out my old Sizzix and the Graffiti Sizzlets. I ran everything through my Xyron to turn them into stickers and then adhered everything to the flip flops. For the photo, I thought it would be fun to put the flip flops on our diving board and to take the photo while standing just a bit further back on the diving board, so that is what I did.

Now, since the decorations are paper, I probably wouldn’t suggest doing any splishing or splashing in these flips flops. I would say they are more for decorative purposes. But you could probably do something similar using vinyl which might be more water safe.

Day 177: Silver Sand Dollars
June 26, 2013

I’m up ridiculously early again. Guess I will get an early start at the office. But before I do that, I want to share today’s project.

Silver Sand Dollar Earrings

I found these cute little sand dollars on one of my recent craft store reconnaissance missions. Most of the charms I have found have all had just on place to connect them to whatever jewelry. These had one on each side, so I definitely wanted to play with them. I decided to keep it simple, since so much of my jewelry is colorful which kind of limits options for wearing it. By keeping these all silver, they are super versatile.

The posts and backings were in the box of goodies that I got last week. I hadn’t created any post earrings – always French hooks – so that was a little different for me. However, the small link at the bottom made them easy to work with. I cut 2 lengths of chain 2 inches each. I used a jump ring to attach the center of the chain to the post. Then I used more jump rings to attach the ends of the chains to the sand dollars. All in all, they were relatively simple to make and, as I already mentioned, super versatile.

Day 176: Sunken Pirate Treasure Cupcakes
June 25, 2013

For today’s project, I wanted to use some pirate-themed cupcake liners and flags that I found a while back.

Sunken Pirate Treasure Cupcakes

I started off baking fudge marble cupcakes, since the flavor of the cupcakes really didn’t matter that much. I used the pirate-themed liners. Then I frosted the cupcakes using 2 different colors of blue butter cream icing adding gold sugar sprinkles (for the treasure). I finished them off with the pirate flags and this is how they turned out.

Sunken Pirate Treasure Cupcakes

To be honest, I wasn’t quite sure what to call these creations, but with the blue frosting (kind of inspired by water) and the golden sprinkles, I thought of sunken treasure that was floating on the waves. With the cupcake liners and flags, I was really trying to carry the pirate theme throughout the decorating of the cupcakes. Not sure how much the pirate theme comes through, but it was the inspiration.

Day 175: Beach Memories Jar
June 24, 2013

What do you get when you combine a mason jar, burlap and a couple of starfish?

Beach Memories Jar

I think you get a perfect place for collecting shells and the other treasures that you pick up on your beach vacation. I know that whenever we go on vacation at the beach, we collect various small items from our walks – shells, seaglass, tiny crab shells – but we never have someplace to put them so that we can easily transport them home. This jar could be the answer to that.

I started with a basic mason jar. I cut a circle of blue burlap for the top of the jar lid and embellished with a small starfish. That was the easy part. I then cut another piece of burlap to wrap around the jar. It was a bit wider than I really wanted so I cut a strip off of that and used it to create the bow. I adhered the burlap to the jar using glue dots and good old Elmer’s glue. I then used more glue to attach the bow and the larger, more dimensional starfish to the front of the jar. This was a bit more challenging since I tend to be impatient and had to wait for the glue to dry thoroughly before standing the jar up.

Once the glue was dry and I could stand the jar up, I took it out to our back patio to snap this picture.

Day 174: First Day of School Door Sign
June 23, 2013

I know school is just letting out for the summer, but today’s project is perfect for the first day of school

Door Hanger

I could totally see a teacher putting something like this on the door to his or her classroom for orientation and the first day of school.

The inspiration for this project was the wooden fish embellishments. As soon as I saw them, I knew that I wanted to use them, but I wasn’t quite sure what to do with them. I saw the wooden door hanger and the idea came together. I painted the door hanger light blue and then used darker blue letter stickers to add the message. I attached the fish using Zots adhesive dots, and you see how it all came out.

Day 173: Game, Set and Match
June 22, 2013

Or maybe that should just me match and set. I started out planning to make a beautiful multi-strand bracelet with pearls and crystals from the bounty of beads I got the other day. It didn’t work. But, I didn’t gave up and instead I made a matching set – bracelet and earrings.

Pearl and Crystal Bracelet and Earrings

As soon as I saw these brown pearls in the box of goodies, I was intrigued. I tend to favor earthier tones, so these were just my style. I combined them with brown crystals and antique gold findings to create this lovely bracelet. It just didn’t seem like enough since my original plan was for something much more elaborate. So, I decided to throw in a set of matching earrings.

I might have struck out early, but I came back swinging and I really love what I ended up with.

Day 172: Party Napkins
June 21, 2013

I first saw the idea of decorating paper napkins on Pinterest a while ago. I thought that might be something I could do at some point, so I bought a pack of party napkins. Since my creativity seems to be on summer vacation, I decided that today was the perfect day to play with them.

Jellyfish Party Napkins

Now the ones that I saw on Pinterest had drawn onto the napkins using a stencil and gel pens (if I remember correctly). I did create a stencil and tried to use it, but it seemed like the ink was almost tearing through the napkin. So, I did what felt right and broke out my stamps and ink. Now my typical black ink wasn’t going to work for this, so luckily I remembered that I had some ink in a shade called Chiffon White. It is very subtle but I think it works great for this project and particularly for this darling jellyfish stamp (from Stampin’ Up).

Here is a closer up shot:

Close Up Jellyfish Party Napkin

I could certainly see whipping up a bunch of these for a pool party.