Day 149: Not Terribly Nautical

Today’s project isn’t overly nautical, but I think you will understand why by the end of the post. That being said, the elements of today’s project were nautically inspired, but the finished product just isn’t.

Class of 13 Banner

Today, my son is graduating from high school and today’s project celebrates that. Congratulations to Kyle and all of the members of Howard’s Class of 2013.

Now, I need to justify how this project has any nautical inspiration whatsoever.

Banner Detail

I have been trying to figure out how to do a banner for a while but never could quite come up with a nautical inspiration. When I saw these canvas flags at the store the other week, they kind of reminded me of the covers on the Sea Scout sailboat that are canvas. I mean, where else do you really see canvas except around boats? Also, the red striped fabric just felt nautical too me. I do realize that stripes by themselves do not make something nautical, but when I bought the paper, I had a specific project in mind that the paper would have been perfect for enhancing the nautical theme.

Okay, so maybe today’s project isn’t totally inspired by the sea, but it comes from the heart.



One Response

  1. Great idea. It is wonderful that you have launched your first one. Congrats to Kyle!

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