Day 142: Calendar

So, I don’t know quite what possessed me to make a calendar when we are already more than a third of the way through the year, but here it is.

2013 Calendar

It is hard to see the nautically themed buttons on each month, so here is a close up of just one month:

Calendar Page Detail

So, the over all concept was simple enough. But seriously, what was I thinking. I punched out 365 shapes – one for each day of the year – and then had to put them each onto the page in a grid. Talk about time consuming. Then I numbered them all and realized that there wasn’t an easy way to identify the month. More punching but I admit I took a short cut and only punched the first letter for each month’s name. I adhered the buttons and called it done. Actually, I laid out all of the pages for a photo and then I put them all into a small flip album that I had on hand so I could put the calendar on my desk if i wanted to.

You would think that after spending so much time on a project that I would love it, but sadly, after the day I had and the amount of time invested into this project, I am rather ambivalent. Going to head to bed in a bit and hope that tomorrow is a better day.


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  1. A lot of work. I like it!

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