Day 140: Fish Eat Fish Kind of World

Today’s craft was not what I intended to do. A cluttered craft room may be a sign of a genius at work, but in my case, it is a frustrated genius because I couldn’t find some supplies that I know are in there that I really wanted to use today. But, I overcame…for now.


I bought this bag of candy fish (kind of like Sweet-Tarts or Spree) and decided to make a fish out of fish. I used a cardboard cutout that I had as my base and covered it with the little fish candies. I then added some more fish swimming beneath him for the photo.

I guess I get to spend some time this evening tearing apart my craft room to find the missing supplies.


One Response

  1. This is really cute. Glad you took a picture. If they aren’t glued down, they won’t last long. Yummy.

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