Day 135: Inspired by Finding Nemo

For some reason, when I was watching the movie, Finding Nemo, the other night, the idea for this project just hit me.

Nemo Inspired Toilet Seat Cover

Nemo Inspired Toilet Seat Cover

If you don’t remember the movie, shortly after Nemo finds himself in dentist’s fish tank, the Tank Gang is talking about getting Nemo back to his dad. Gil reminds them that all drains lead to the ocean. That line inspired today’s project.

While I love the concept, despite my family thinking that I have finally lost it, there are things I would do differently. I don’t know if I am Mod Podge deficient or just too ambitious. The fish isn’t as smooth as I would like, so if I do this again (which I might since my mother-in-law might want to hang one of these in her bathroom as art), I would do several smaller fish rather than the one large one. I think that would make it easier to get them onto the lid smoothly. Otherwise, I am pretty happy with the whole thing.


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  1. This is priceless!

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