Day 133: Trinket Tray

The other night, I watched Finding Nemo with my older son. We had seen if before but not for quite some time. We were both pleasantly surprised by how good of a movie it really is. Today’s project was inspired by the movie.

Trinket Tray

I love the scene with Bruce and his buddies in their support group. Their mantra, “Fish are friends. Not food.” I remember after seeing the movie the first time, that this was one of the lines that stuck with us and we found ourselves saying it pretty regularly.

I used a small shadowbox that I had gotten, not knowing exactly what I was going to use it for but figuring it would come in handy. I stamped the fish 3 times and colored using colored pencils. I then added a little bit of glitter glue for the bubbles. I went old school for the letters and broke out my Sizzix and Sizzlets letters. This could be good for sticky notes and paper clips on my desk or for change and keys at home.


One Response

  1. Very cute! If you made one more masculine looking, it would make a super Father’s Day gift .

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