Day 129: Faux Fish Tank

Years ago, my friend and I each had fish that we kept in our office. I had a fish bowl and she had a fish tank. The president of the organization thought it was kind of cool, but someone complained to facilities and we had to take our fish home. Ever since then, I have missed having my fish at work. Today, I tried to get back that feeling with my project.

Faux Fish Tank

It just wasn’t the same. I liked the movement of the real fish, and I don’t see a way that I can duplicate in a piece of framed art.

Plus this project proved to be really challenging to photograph. Now matter where my light source was, I seemed to get a really bad reflection. I finally laid it on my bed and had to take the photo at a kind of funny angle to minimize weird reflections.

One Response

  1. I like this. Great for decorating the bathroom!

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