Day 126: Baby Burp Cloth

The other day, I was looking for ideas on Pinterest when I saw a knitting pattern for a whale. I don’t knit, but I thought that the pattern could easily be made into a cross stitch pattern and the idea for today’s project was born.


Cross Stitch Burp Cloth

I went to the craft store thinking that this pattern could be cute on a bib, but when I got there, I found this burp cloth and decided to adorn it with a pair of whales.

Cross Stitch Burp Cloth Detail

The original pattern was of a single whale, so I broke out some graph paper and created a mirror image. I used variegated thread and this is how it all turned out.

My niece is pregnant and should find out whether the baby is a boy or a girl tomorrow. If it is a boy, I might have to put this aside to be included in her baby shower gift.


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  1. […] I did a crab. And, if you follow the blog, you may even recognize the whale from when I did the cross stitch baby burp cloth. So, since I had to bring portable projects, I decided to combine those two ideas into […]

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