Day 123: I Remember That Game

I have been playing around with the idea of creating an old-fashioned memory game since the beginning of my 365 days. I finally decided it was time.

Memory Game

Now, I will admit that I did some prep work last night by cutting everything out (including all of the pieces for all 24 cards). However, I didn’t do any assembly until this morning, so I didn’t cheat. For each card, I cut a 3×3 square of cardboard and 2 3×3 squares of white card stock. I put the white card stock on both sides of the cardboard to make sure that all of the cards looked consistent on the back. I thought about using patterned paper but decided consistency was the way to go. I cut all of the colored images using my Cricut and then ran them all through my Xyron to make them stickers that I could easily adhere to each card.

I made 24 cards, 2 each of yellow submarines, red crabs, grey dolphins, dark purple octopi, dark grey anchors, brown treasure chests, tan ships’ wheels, green turtles, dark red seahorses, black skulls and cross bones and two types of fish in pink and purple.

So, who wants to test their memory?


One Response

  1. This is very creative and cute. We can all use some memory help now and then. What was I saying?

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