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Day 151: Seashell and Pearl Earrings
May 31, 2013

I am supposed to be hanging out with my dear friend, Laura, tomorrow. Now, Laura has a very distinct sense of style which centers around her favorite colors – pink and green. I guess she was in the back of my mind when I started on today’s project.

Seashell and Pearl Earrings

I originally planned to use some pink seashell beads from my stash, but once I started playing around with ideas, the green beads and pink pearls just spoke to me. I decided to include some white pearls just to finish the look. Add some French hooks, and this is what I came up with. Maybe I will give them to Laura when I see her tomorrow.


Day 150: A No-Brainer for Marylanders
May 30, 2013

I was at the store with my youngest son the other day when he saw something and asked me what it was and why they had it at the grocery store. Today’s project aimed to clarify things.

Crab Mallet

For most Marylanders it is a no-brainer as to why they have small wooden hammers at the grocery store. They are crab mallets. In my son’s defense, he is allergic to shellfish and can’t eat the dish that Maryland is known for.

I decided to buy one of the crab mallets and make it perfectly clear what it was for. I stamped a crab onto the mallet and then colored it in using Sharpie markers. Stamping on a rounded surface was a bit tricky and I didn’t do it quite perfectly. My crab appears to have eyebrows (not that they show in my photo above). It was a fun, quick project though and I think it would be fun to decorate a bunch of them and have them available if we ever hosted a crab feast.

Day 149: Not Terribly Nautical
May 29, 2013

Today’s project isn’t overly nautical, but I think you will understand why by the end of the post. That being said, the elements of today’s project were nautically inspired, but the finished product just isn’t.

Class of 13 Banner

Today, my son is graduating from high school and today’s project celebrates that. Congratulations to Kyle and all of the members of Howard’s Class of 2013.

Now, I need to justify how this project has any nautical inspiration whatsoever.

Banner Detail

I have been trying to figure out how to do a banner for a while but never could quite come up with a nautical inspiration. When I saw these canvas flags at the store the other week, they kind of reminded me of the covers on the Sea Scout sailboat that are canvas. I mean, where else do you really see canvas except around boats? Also, the red striped fabric just felt nautical too me. I do realize that stripes by themselves do not make something nautical, but when I bought the paper, I had a specific project in mind that the paper would have been perfect for enhancing the nautical theme.

Okay, so maybe today’s project isn’t totally inspired by the sea, but it comes from the heart.


Day 148: Lighthouse in a Bottle
May 28, 2013

I have always been fascinated by the craftsmanship that goes into making a ship in a bottle. I am sure that it takes a whole lot more patience than I will ever have. But, for today’s project, I drew inspiration from the concept.

Lighthouse in a Bottle

I had small bottles leftover from when I did the message in a bottle last week so I decided to do something with one of them. This particular bottle (without the cork) measures 1 1/2 inches tall by about 1 inch wide. Too big for jewelry but still fun for crafting. I found a lighthouse charm in my stash and discovered that it could fit into the bottle. I cut the ring off the top of the charm and applied a little glue to the bottom before carefully placing it into the bottle. It didn’t go straight in, but I kind of liked how it looked off to the side, so I went with it. I then added some seed beads in shades of aqua and white to mimic rough waters. I love the final result, although, I don’t really know what I will do with it.

Day 147: Here Comes Baby
May 27, 2013

For today’s project, I decided to try to dye and embellish a baby onesie.

Dyed Onesie

The results aren’t perfect, but it is definitely something that I would consider trying again.

Here is a close up of the fishie iron-on applique that I used.

Dyed Onesie Detail

This is another project that I think would have turned out better if I was a more patient person. I probably should have left the onesie in the dye longer to make the colors brighter and more consistent with the applique, but I was afraid of going too dark.

I still think it is kind of cute and I might try to technique (or a modified version of it) for a future project.

Day 146: Whetting Your Appetite
May 26, 2013

For today’s project, I took a very different approach. We are going to a party later this afternoon, so I decided to use one of the dishes that I am taking as my project.

Shrimp Salsa Dip

I will admit that it isn’t my own recipe. I got it from one of the dozens of cookbooks that I have, but since shrimp is the key ingredient, I think it counts as being inspired by the sea.

To put it together, you start by softening some cream cheese and layering that at the bottom of your dish. Next, you top the cream cheese layer with a layer of salsa which is then topped with a layer of cocktail shrimp. I actually cut the shrimp into smaller pieces so they would fit on the chips a little bit better. Serve with tortilla chips and voila, inspired by the sea Shrimp Salsa Dip.

Day 145: Craft Stick Greeting
May 25, 2013

Another idea that I borrowed from Pinterest and made my own.

Craft Stick Greeting - ClosedOkay, so from this picture, you see a seahorse charm tied to something that I painted blue, but when you untie the bow and open it up, you get:

Craft Stick Greeting - Opened

I used masking tape to connect the craft sticks and then I painted them blue. After letting them dry, I stamped a seahorse and a sentiment onto the painted craft sticks. I added color to the seahorse using a Sharpie marker. Definitely a cute and different way to send greetings for any occasion.

The only drawback that I found was the drying time for the paint. If you are a patient person, that might not be a problem, but I tend to be very impatient when I craft. I would definitely consider doing this craft again, now that I realize the amount of drying time involved. Now, to go wash blue paint off of my fingers, yet again.

Day 144: Message in a Bottle
May 24, 2013

I admit that I got the idea from Pinterest, but I love the idea of putting a message in a tiny bottle and making it into jewelry.

Message for in the bottle

I decided to go with a portion of Psalm 139:14 as my message. I might give this to a neighbor of mine who is celebrating her 13th birthday this weekend, and I thought the message, “You are fearfully and wonderfully made” was perfect for her. After getting the bottle and necklace attached (it took a couple of attempts), I carefully rolled up the message and inserted it into my tiny bottle.

Message in a Bottle Necklace

To enhance my nautical theme, I used my favorite water print paper for the message.

This was a fun, and different kind of project for me.

Day 143: Puzzled No Longer
May 23, 2013

For today’s project I had a little bit of help from my son who will be graduating from high school next week. Thanks, Kyle.

Jigsaw Puzzle

Yes, for today’s project, we did a 500 piece vertical panoramic jigsaw puzzle complete with shipwreck, dolphins, a lighthouse and an octopus.

Day 142: Calendar
May 23, 2013

So, I don’t know quite what possessed me to make a calendar when we are already more than a third of the way through the year, but here it is.

2013 Calendar

It is hard to see the nautically themed buttons on each month, so here is a close up of just one month:

Calendar Page Detail

So, the over all concept was simple enough. But seriously, what was I thinking. I punched out 365 shapes – one for each day of the year – and then had to put them each onto the page in a grid. Talk about time consuming. Then I numbered them all and realized that there wasn’t an easy way to identify the month. More punching but I admit I took a short cut and only punched the first letter for each month’s name. I adhered the buttons and called it done. Actually, I laid out all of the pages for a photo and then I put them all into a small flip album that I had on hand so I could put the calendar on my desk if i wanted to.

You would think that after spending so much time on a project that I would love it, but sadly, after the day I had and the amount of time invested into this project, I am rather ambivalent. Going to head to bed in a bit and hope that tomorrow is a better day.