Day 113: Two for Tuesday

Today’s project is relatively simple, at least in concept, so I decided to make 2 o f them.

Post-it Note Holder with FishOr, if fish isn’t quite to your liking:

Post-it Note Holder with SeashellsThese really are simple but can pretty up my workspace and make it easier for me to find my sticky notes.

I started with simple 4×6 acrylic frames. For the first one, I used blue textured paper and embellished with fish and seaweed I cut using my Cricut. Add some orange ribbon and a green pad of sticky notes and it is an office safe fish tank. For the second one, I simply used paper printed with seashells, added some real seashells, neutral ribbon and a pale yellow page of sticky notes for a classier version.





3 Responses

  1. I think they are cute! A great way to use a small amount of the beautiful paper that I can’t resist.

  2. This is cool looking. If I had a desk I would to put it there. Love it!!

  3. Love them! Especially with real shells. Perhaps this will help me find my desk again šŸ™‚

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