Day 100: Peanut Butter Fish?

For my 100th day, I wanted to do something unexpected. We are all familiar with jellyfish, but who knows about the elusive Peanut Butter Fish?

Peanut Butter Fish

To make this little guy, I simply used a fish shaped cookie cutter to cut my bread into the shape of a fish and covered it with peanut butter. I then added a Reese’s Piece eye to complete the look and continue the peanut butter theme. Cute and delicious. I ate him for breakfast, but this could be a fun treat to make for kids of all ages. If you wanted to be healthier, you could always use a raisin for the eye, but I figure one Reese’s Piece is the extreme in moderation.


4 Responses

  1. Ooohhhh. Looks delicious! Good job.

  2. Cute. The texture makes it special.

  3. Oh, congratulations on Day 100. The project is an interesting way to mark the passage of time, isn’t it?

  4. […] cardboard cutout to help me get the shape right. Colorful and yummy. Not sure if I like this or the peanut butter fish […]

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