Day 92: Beach Tic Tac Toe

Yesterday, an idea hit me for a project. Even as I was playing it through in my head, I suspected that I didn’t have the supplies I would need to make the project the way that I envisioned it. Luckily, I didn’t give up on the idea and I let it evolve, because it resulted in this:

Beach Tic Tac Toe

Okay, so my original idea was pirate tic tac toe with skulls versus cross bones. I may still wind up making that at some point, just not today. As I was looking to see if I had what I needed for the pirate-themed version, I found the beachy print paper, added the paper grid and started playing around with ideas of what I could cut out for the opposing players to use as markers. Initially, I cut sand dollars out of paper. When I tried cutting out starfish, my cutter just wasn’t cooperating and was tearing up my paper. That was when I looked and saw that I still have a few starfish left in my stash. With real starfish, the paper sand dollars just didn’t work. So, I thought a little more and realized that seashells could be used as the “O”s. Voila!

Yes, it is a simple project, but I think I get points for being creative.


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