Day 88: Pirate Ship

I started out this morning with the idea that I would bake cookies and decorate them with nautical motifs. Well, that didn’t work. So I rummaged around trying to find something else I could do. I found a pirate ship model in my stash, so I decided to put it together.

Pirate Ship

After the failed attempt with the cookies and several other ideas that just wouldn’t come together, I needed something fairly easy. You would think that putting together a simple model would be easy. Well, it would be if the kit had included all of the pieces. I was missing one of the yardarm pieces, so I improvised and replaced it with a toothpick. I could have painted the various pieces, but kind of wanted to just leave the natural wood, and I will admit that after how everything else was turning out this morning, the idea of painting it was unsettling.

It took more patience than anticipated, but I was able to complete the pirate ship and even get pictures. Maybe it is a sign that my day is turning around.


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  1. Very nice

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