Day 87: Picture Frame Tray

I got the idea for today’s project from Pinterest. As soon as I saw it, I knew that it was something I would have to try.

Picture Tray Frame

The reason I  knew I had to make one of my own is because I am addicted to picture frames. My kids hate going into Target with me if I even walk by the picture frame aisle, since my involuntary reaction is to look at the frames.

For this project though, I started by looking for the fabric that I used inside the frame. As soon as I saw this fish print, I knew I wanted to go with a basic black frame so that it would almost look like an aquarium. The frame I found was actually intended for featuring school photos over the years and measures about 10 1/2 x 20 1/2. I cut the fabric to size and replaced the photo mat with the fabric. Next, I just had to add handles. I found these black drawer handles that worked almost perfectly. I say almost because the hardware for adding the drawer handles was too long for with the frame, so I had to improvise a little bit. Luckily, a little Krazy Glue did the trick.

I could see using this by the pool this summer to bring down plates and cups or other lighter items (since I don’t know if the Krazy Glue will do the trick over the long term). Or, I could see using it on a dresser for gathering all of the small items that accumulate. If you had a tray like this one, how would you use it?


3 Responses

  1. Love this one! Really cute. I agree though—I’d be hesitant to trust the Crazy Glue on a tray. Maybe you can find some screws that will work.

  2. This is really pretty. I might decorate the bathroom with this. Hang it on the wall.

  3. I really like it too. Very creative. Beware of crazy glue and heat and moisture. If you have to glue maybe try gorilla glue. I’m immediately thinking of how I could create something like this with bassets….hmmmm. Nice job.

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