Day 84: Fish Sketch

Let me start by saying that while I am a creative person, I am no artist. I simply have never been able to draw. But, today, I decided to give drawing a try. Here is my sketch of a Pyramid Butterfly Fish:

Pyrabmid Butterfly Fish Sketch

Admittedly, most people are likely to have never even heard of this particular type of fish. Several years ago, we went to Hawaii and went snorkeling and this was one of the fish that was on the fish finder card they gave us. I used that as my basis. Of course, here is a photo of what one really looks like:


Okay, so my drawing isn’t very good and looks like it could have been drawn by a 6 year old, but I tried.




5 Responses

  1. Good try. Not bad for an amateur.

  2. Like so many things in life, drawing is something you have to learn to do. Anyone can learn to draw. Anyone. And of course, the first step is to stop saying “I can’t draw.” I like the little fishy.

    • While I agree that anyone can learn to draw, I think some people are born with a talent for drawing and drawing well. I am not one of those people.

  3. I’m very proud of you for giving it a try. If you keep trying you will only improve. All you have to do is believe in yourself.

  4. Thanks everyone. I still don’t think that I am very good at drawing, but I am glad that I gave it a try. I am using this challenge to step out of my comfort zone and try new things.

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