Day 65: Pirate Tank Top

Wearable art, other than jewelry, really has never been my thing. That being said, today, I tried to create some wearable art. After much trial and error I made:

Skull and Cross Bones Tank Top

When I say that there was trial and error involved, I really am not kidding. Something that seemed so simple got really complicated really quickly. I tried a different design on a t-shirt but I didn’t secure the stencil well enough and I think I was too impatient. Then I decided to go with the skull and cross bones, but even that took several tries to get something I liked. Who knew that bleach didn’t work on nylon?

Okay, so, here is what I did. I cut the skull and cross bones design using my Cricut. I adhered it to the tank top using glue dots and then sprayed chlorine bleach around the design making sure to get the eyes and nose. Once the color was how I wanted it, I removed the template and rinsed the shirt out. I then threw it in a cool dryer to remove the excess moisture. The process itself, once I figured it out, was pretty straight forward and I actually really like how my pirate tank top turned out.


One Response

  1. I think this is cool. Too bad we didn’t get enough snow to do the sculpture.

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