Day 64: Shell and Coral Necklace

Now, I know some people don’t wear necklaces, but I also know that some of my followers would love to see even more jewelry. So, today, I gave into the jewelry lovers and created this:

Coral and Shell NecklaceI would have posted this a bit earlier, but by the time I got it done, I had to get ready for work. Don’t you hate it when you job gets in the way of your crafting?

Okay, seriously, I used my favorite blue sponge coral for this necklace, but this time I combined it with white shell rings and a piece of white coral to complete the drop. It measures about 24 inches (not including the drop). The reason that it took so long is because for each piece of shell I had to use 2 head pins and for each piece of coral, I used one eyepin. That is a lot of pins to shape. But, all the work was worth it, because I love how the finished piece turned out.



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  1. This is really nice. Love it.

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