Day 63: Life’s a Beach Mirror

Early on in this, I tried stenciling on a mirror. It didn’t work. I tried adding frosted accents to a mirror. It didn’t work. So, today, I tried sponge painting on a mirror. It worked.

Sponge painted mirror

I won’t say that it worked perfectly, just that it worked. I used a technique that I used on one of the wooden trays where I added a sentiment by applying sticker letters prior to painting. A bit of paint got under the stickers, but you can definitely read the sentiment. I used the sponges for the actual painting since I wanted a little texture. The final steps were to remove the stickers and let the mirror show through and to add some resin accents that I made – the seashell, the starfish and the fish. I had never played with resin before. It was fun and may be something that I will do again. But, I honestly can say that this will most likely be my last project using a mirror.


2 Responses

  1. Very unique. Good job. Cudos to you for sticking with this project
    I look forward to seeing your projects each day.

  2. I like it alot. I’m going to be at the beach here soon.

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