Day 62: Smooth Sailing

Today’s project really was smooth sailing compared to some of the challenges I had earlier in the week. It is another piece of framed artwork (I know, I just did that yesterday) but with a bit of a different spin for me. Does using Scrabble tiles and paper in the same piece count as mixed media?

Smooth Sailing

I have seen some things recently on Pinterest where families spell out the family members names using hand-made Scrabble tiles and mounting them crossword style. I wasn’t quite ready for that (yet) but I did want to experiment with using Scrabble tiles to form a title of a piece. Originally, I was playing around with just using the words “sail” and “boat” but it wasn’t quite working for me. Then it dawned on me to use “Smooth Sailing” as my title. Once I did that, the rest of the piece came together. I used papers from my stash for the background and for the sailboat. I also covered a mat with paper to make it better coordinate with the rest of the piece. I had this old wooden frame just laying around, so I decided to use it as well. I like how the overall piece turned out. What do you think?


2 Responses

  1. Perfect retirement gift or a goodbye gift for a close friend who is moving away.

  2. I like it and there is no wrong way when you are creating. Everything counts.

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