Day 59: Porthole Card

This morning was full of crafting challenges. You know, one of those days where nothing quite works right on the first try or even the second and third ones? That being said, I was finally able to pull together today’s project and it even turned out pretty much like I had hoped.

Porthole Greeting Card

I have been playing with the idea of making a porthole card for a while now, and picked this morning to sit down and make it happen. I got off to a good enough start when I was able to find all of the supplies I needed. The tricky one being the transparency film that I used for the window itself. I got everything together and fired up the Cricut which is when the trouble began. I wanted to use a different fish that had these long flowing fins and looks really cool, but I tried numerous times to cut it out using my Cricut and it would either not cut through or the paper would tear. Finally, I gave up on using that fish and used this guy, who is very cute, but not very elegant. Regardless, I was able to cut him. Then when I was trying to quickly put the brads into the porthole frame, they kept breaking. I have had cases where I might break one, but this morning it seemed like every other one was breaking. Finally though, it all fell into place, and I put everything together before running out the door to head to work.



3 Responses

  1. I think this cool

  2. Despite (or maybe because of) the challenges, it is a really cute card.

  3. Thank you both. I am happy with how it turned out even if it isn’t exactly how I pictured it when I started the process.

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