Day 58: Baby Blocks

I don’t know why I wanted to make baby blocks. Maybe it is because I have a lot of co-workers who either just had babies or their wives are expecting. Or maybe it was because I got to spend time with my precious little nephew this weekend. Regardless, the idea hit me over the weekend and I ran with it.

Baby Blocks

Now, you may wonder how baby blocks are inspired by the sea. As soon as the idea hit me, I knew I wanted to make a whale block and a shark block. (Convenient since both have 5 letters leaving an open side for me to put the critter on.) Now, the frustrating part was not being able to find true baby block style blocks, but I made due. I cut squares in white glitter paper than I adhered to all 6 sides. I then cut smaller squares from the blue textured paper and put them onto the white squares. The final step was cutting the letters and the critters out and adhering them to the blocks. All in all, not a difficult project.

I guess I should include a note that these are for decorative purposes only.


One Response

  1. They are very cute. Make a good decoration for a little boy’s room.

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