Day 55: Socktopi

Is the plural of octopus octopi, octopuses or octopodes? Technically, any of them are correct. Which is a good thing to know since today’s project consists of 2 octopi. Or should I say Socktopi?


These guys were actually pretty easy to make. I started with knee socks and I cut off the foot part. I tied off the open end using embroidery floss (since I don’t have regular thread) and trimmed it close. Next, I used cotton balls to fill the head and tied it off. I cut the remaining part of the socks into 8 tentacles each. Added some button eyes and created this cute pair of Soctopodes.

One of my favorite parts of this project is that my youngest son actually made one too, but he doesn’t want me to share a picture of his. He used some slightly different techniques, but his result was similar enough.


One Response

  1. These are cute. Love the choice of color.

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