Day 53: Fish Bingo

Today’s project isn’t as visually stimulating as some, but it is still fun. Fish Bingo!

Fish Bingo

I spent some time last night looking up species of fish. Did you know that there are ratfish and hogfish? I didn’t. I found 75 types of fish. I then typed up all of the types, printed them out and cut them into strips. The next step was creating the Bingo cards themselves. I set up the grid and added a fish photo to the bottom of the page. In the free space, it says, “Gone Fishing.” Seemed appropriate. I then randomly selected from the strips to fill in the boxes on 6 cards.  I saved all of the strips with the fish names so that they can be used for calling out the fish names for a game.

Once the idea hit me yesterday, I knew I had to get a bag of Goldfish crackers to use for marking the squares.

So, who is ready for a game?


One Response

  1. How cool! Can’t wait to play.

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