Day 51: Seashell Fish

After having made seashell boats yesterday, it only seemed appropriate to make seashell fish today.

Seashell Fish

I remember that my one co-worker and I each used to have fish at work. That is until someone told us that we weren’t allowed (even though the president of the company saw my fishbowl and thought it was pretty cool). Well, I bet I could have this shadow box fish tank at the office and no one would complain.

Just like yesterday, I started out by painting the seashells. These are much smaller than the shells I used yesterday with the largest ones measuring about an inch. I then used my trusty glue gun to glue the fin shells onto the larger shells and to glue everything to my water print paper. I then used adhesive pearls for the eyes. Put it all into a shadow box frame, and I have a new fish tank safe for any office.


One Response

  1. This would look cool in the bathroom too. Love it.

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