Day 50: Seashell Sailboats

Excited to have lasted 50 days. With each day that passes, reaching the goal of 365 days feels more attainable.

For today, I played with an idea that I saw when buying seashells and other supplies at Hobby Lobby: Seashell Sailboats.

Seashell Sailboats

I started with plain seashells that I painted red. I then used paper to make the sails and straws for the masts. The trickiest part was gluing the masts to the shells. I tried a couple of adhesives before discovering the best option was my glue gun. The glue dries quickly and keeps the mast upright.

I could see using these for table identifiers at a sailing themed event. Just use different colored paper for the sails for each table. Or they could be used as place markers by writing people’s names on the sails. Could even be a fun project for Sunday school or VBS.


2 Responses

  1. Did you paint the shells before you glued them? This is real cute.

    • Yes. I painted the shells inside and out. While they dried, I had time to work on the sails.

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