Day 49: Seahorse and Crystal Necklace

I really didn’t intend to make any jewelry for this week’s projects. I was just going to make some jewelry to sell. But, when I went to buy supplies, I was drawn to this seahorse charm and I just had to use it.

Seahorse and Crystal Necklace

I have already mentioned that I have a weakness for anything that includes a seahorse. I just am amazed by everything about them.

It is difficult to see in the photo but the back of the seahorse is lined with blue crystals (or more likely pieces of glass), so I bought blue crystals for the necklace itself.  Once I strung all of the crystals the way I wanted, the necklace only measured about 10 inches, so I added chain to both ends to bring the total length to about 18 inches. I will probably never wear it and I am even less likely to sell it, but I love it anyway.

One Response

  1. It will look terrific on a black turtleneck. I like this. I think others will too.

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