Day 42: Pirate Chest

A while ago, I saw these paper maché treasure chests on one of my trips to the craft store. I picked up a pack without knowing exactly what I was going to do with them. Then, the other day, I found bamboo coasters at the dollar store and my idea started to come together.

Pirate chest

I have to admit that working in 3 dimensions is not my strength but I had to give it a try. This whole challenge is about stepping out of my comfort zone, right? So, I started out by soaking the coasters in coffee to darken them up and to give them a more aged look. I let them dry overnight. This morning, I cut pieces to size and adhered to the treasure chest using my hot glue gun. I then cut strips of black felt (that had adhesive already on the back). I added some brads to look like rivets and added them to trim out the chest. It isn’t perfect, but it is the perfect place to store the pirate checkers that I made a few days ago.


One Response

  1. Also a great place for some of the jewelry you are making. I think this is great.

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